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Story Time!

Bring your kids for story time at your Northern Plains Public Library every Tuesday at 10:30 a.m.!

Book of the Month! 

Ronan the Libraian 

Ronan was a mighty barbarian.
He invaded. He raided. And back home, he traded.
He always found the greatest treasures.
Until one day, Conan found something no barbarian wants:

This humorous picture book from sister duo Tara Luebbe and Becky Cattie and illustrator Victoria Maderna follows Ronan the Barbarian as he he grows from being just a rough-and-tumble warrior to a rough-and-tumble warrior who loves books.

At first, his fellow barbarians are skeptical of his newfound passion for reading, but in the end, even they aren’t immune to the charms of a good book.

“Review from GoodReads” 

Curious Creations

Join Northern Plains Public Library for toddler craft days every Thursday at 10amRegistration is required to ensure there is enough supplies. Each week we will either make a craft or do a prokect that incorporates STEAM. To register, or i fyou have any questions please come into the library or call Emma at 970-834-1259


2/10 – Bouncy Balls – Kids will create their own bouncy ball

2/17 – Germination Activity – Kids will grow seeds in jars to create their own garden

2/24 – Grow Crystals – Kids will create and grow thir own crystal snowflake

3/1 – Make Butter – Kids will make and eat their own homemade butter *ALLERGY WARNING – This project uses dairy products

3/10 – Salt Painting – Kids will create their own raised salt painting masterpiece

3/17 – Pinecone Bird Feeder – Kids will make bird feedrs for their house *ALLERGY WARNING – This project uses peanut butter*

3/24 – Lemon Valcanos Kids will make their own oozing volcano

3/31 – Tie Dye Socks – Kids will dye a pair of socks to keep as their own

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